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Psychic Training


Psychic Development 

Introduction on learning to connect to your spirit guides, psychic abilities and the astral plane. This training is a prerequisite to Mediumship Training, and a minimum of 6 sessions is required to continue to Mediumship Training.




Spiritual Coaching

At The Pearl, we honor and respect the diversity of spiritual traditions and practices. John specializes in working collaboratively with clients to enhance and enrich their existing spiritual paths. Whether you follow a specific religious tradition, embrace a holistic spiritual approach, or are exploring your spirituality for the first time, John is committed to meeting you where you are and empowering you to progress on your unique journey.




Mediumship Training 

Learn to connect with the spirits of loved ones. Speaking to the soul from the soul. Develop habits, routines and skills that will open the connections necessary to communicate with loved ones who have passed. This training requires taking the prerequisite Psychic Training. This training is a prerequisite to Advanced Folk Magic, and a minimum of 6 sessions is required to continue to Advanced Folk Magic



Advanced Folk Magic

Learn the trades of folk magic to be able to better your own life and help your desires to manifest themselves. This training requires taking the prerequisite Mediumship Training.




Wicca 101

Ever wondered about the mystical practice that is Wicca? Come to the Pearl and explore the aspects of Wiccan practice and see if it resonates with your spiritual walk.

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Afro-Caribbean Spirituality/Espiritualidad Afrocaribeña

Deepen your understanding and knowledge of Afro- Caribbean traditions. English classes are offered on Saturdays.  

Profundice su comprensión y conocimiento de las tradiciones Afrocaribeñas. Tenemos clases en Español los Sabados.

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