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John Omilana

John Omilana is a psychic and spiritual coach that has been doing psychic readings for the last 20 years. His own spiritual journey has taken him through a varied range of practices that give him a unique perspective on life and the spirit world. John grew up in the Bronx but now lives in the City of Peekskill. John has been a New York City Department of Education teacher for the past 17 years. He is of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, speaks both English and Spanish, and is very proud of his Afro Caribbean heritage. John’s goal is to help people connect to deity in the way that leads them to live their best destiny.




Theresa Newton

Workshop Instructor

Theresa Newton was born in Sleepy Hallow, NY, but now lives in Buchanan. She has been working with Crystals since childhood. She collects crystals and stones has about 3000 pieces in her collection, while she also practices and reads with them. Ms. Newton is a solitary witch, second-degree Wiccan, clairvoyant, medium, and part of The Pearl's Seance team.

Fun Facts about Ms. Newton:

  • She has died and was revived.
  • She conducts tarot readings and is an extreme empath.
  • Works with Santa Muerte
  • Works with Angels and is a devotee of Saint Michael.



Rose Christmas

Intuitive; Advisor to John

Rose Christmas is an intuitive arts and healing arts practitioner. She combines elements of various practices that she has studied for the past 40 years. Rose dedicates her time to serving the Hudson Valley community by offering classes of different types in different wellness centers, libraries and now at The Pearl.

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