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San Simon (Saint Simon) 6" Statue - Maximon

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A saint of Mayan Folklore that helped his people. Light candles and give him alcohol so that he can help you with matters of money, fun, and luck.


Meet San Simon, also known as Maximon—a revered figure with dual identities in Spanish and Mayan cultures. As the primary saint in Guatemala, his effigies can be found across the country, from sacred shrines to unexpected places like bars. This statue captures his iconic appearance: sporting a mustache, cowboy hat, and a cigarette, surrounded by vibrant decorations.

San Simon's legend intertwines with tales of his unconventional life. Despite his flaws as a womanizer and heavy drinker, he was adored by his community in Zunil. Excommunicated by the Catholic Church, he built his own church which soon surpassed others in popularity. Even after his church was destroyed, he continued to roam Guatemala, offering both mischief and kindness wherever he went.

This statue embodies San Simon's enduring spirit, reflecting his journey of forgiveness and generosity. Adorned with gifts of alcohol, cigarettes, and candles, he sits with a basket of coins, a cigarette in his mouth, a bottle of booze, and a shotgun by his side—a symbol of his complex character and unwavering presence in Guatemalan folklore."

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