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JohnOmilana Clarity Oil 2 Dram

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Stimulate and maintain your mental health as well as your spiritual clarity!


All John Omilana Oils and Incense are handmade in our store with intent and authenticity.

This oil has a variety of uses. Clarity is great when you've been really mentally overwhelmed, and you need a mental reset. Clarity is also great to help you see the things that may not be visible to you, this helps with being able to see what's really going on behind the scenes. Good for Full Moon Rituals, and meditation! 

warm nutty scent

Apply concentrated oil directly to candle to complement spells.

Apply a few drops in a diffuser or add to aroma burner. 

Dilute with carrier oil for anointing body or if adding to bath

Always test oil on a small patch of skin before wearing.

Never drink oils or get them in your eyes.

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