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Lavanda Colonia (Lavender Cologne) 8oz

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Bring calmness and protection to yourself and to your home.


This Lavender Splash Cologne is perfect for those seeking protection through spiritual practices. Made with natural lavender extracts, it is believed to have protective properties against negative energy and harmful influences.

  • Natural Ingredients: The cologne is made with natural lavender extracts, making it safe for personal or home use.
  • Protective Properties: Lavender has been used in spiritual practices as a protective agent against negative energy and harmful influences.

The refreshing scent of lavender makes this splash cologne perfect for daily use. It can be used in your personal space or as a room freshener to create a calming and soothing environment.

  • Dual Use:This splash cologne can be used both personally and at home, making it versatile in its application

The Lavender Splash Cologne comes in an elegant bottle that makes it an ideal gift option for your loved ones who are into spiritual practices or seeking protection from negative energies around them!

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