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Dressed Money & Prosperity Ritual Candle - 7 Day Money Scent Candle

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Money. Prosperity. Open Opportunities. Increase Luck. Feeling Lucky. Bring Me Money. Abundance. Wealth. See more info below.


Green ritual candle dressed, blessed, and ready to go. It has been prepared to do exactly what you need it to do. These candles are infused with incredible magic mixed with powerful herbs and/or oils that amplifies it. A unique sigil carved onto the candle to manifest exactly what you desire. Have the Universe bend to your desires.


Instructions (Find a quiet place):

Sit in front of the candle

Take 3 deep breaths

Light the Ritual Candle

Set your intention (say it out loud or in you mind)

Take 3 Deep Breaths

Safely keep the candle lit (or keep lighting it) until the candle is done.

**Inspired by the awesome work of New York Witch Queen Lady Rhea**

Since each candle is handmade and unique, there may be some variation to their color and glitter.

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