Join The Pearl's owner, John, or our many other readers, like Kelly, for a reading! He can provide spiritual counsel and wisdom through tarot cards, intuition, mediumship and more. Contact us or visit the Pearl to schedule a reading today. 

Readings start at $40 for 15 minutes, then $75 for 30 minutes, and $120 for one hour. A comprehensive, two-hour reading is $250.

John also conducts private lessons on how to develop one's intuition and spirituality. Contact us to learn more. 

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Studies show that reiki may help to reduce pain and anxiety, though more research is needed. It may also help to reduce fatigue.

Fun fact: the word reiki is etymologically from Japanese reiki (霊気) "mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign" (first recorded in 1001), combining rei "soul, spirit" and ki "vital energy"—the Sino-Japanese reading of Chinese língqì (靈氣) "numinous atmosphere.”

So do swing by during our operating hours (we are open every day but Tuesdays, when we’re closed) as a walk-in (if a practitioner is available) or you can schedule a session. 

1/2 hour session is $65; $100 for an hour. 



Cleanings Baths

Start at $40

Negative Energy Breaking Cleansing

Starts at $121

House and Business Cleansing

Starts at $250 (depends on amount of rooms)